Mandatory Understanding Stages in Cockfighting Gambling

Mandatory Understanding Stages in Cockfighting Gambling – Maybe you have read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, the following steps must be understood in playing cockfighting gambling.

It is very important for betting lovers like fighting cocks. In understanding all the rules that have been previously set for the organizer of the fighting cock. Because the organizers of the fighting cocks have provided a facility in making a fighting event. The fighting cocks and the service will make customers feel satisfied because they can enjoy the fight. So that it will make fighting cock lovers no longer have trouble seeing fighting cock fights. Moreover, there is already such a thing as online cockfighting gambling which has made it very easy for fighting cock lovers to bet online.

It is very different when in Indonesia, fighting cocks in Thailand are actually very legal and are also free to be shown openly. Therefore, fans of this fighting cock are more likely to be able to place bets freely. Especially from the various fighting fights that have been held in the White Elephant Country. At this time, many sites have sprung up with online betting providers from these fighting cocks. So that many of the fighting cock lovers can take part in online betting without having to bother with fighting cocks.

Several Stages In Cockfighting

Peddling the fighting cock

The stages in the first fighting cock competition are the two fighting cocks that will stare at each other. From the fighting cocks, they will fight each other and show each other’s strength to the enemies who are in front of them. The two fighting cocks will show each other their strength and will show attack and defense to their own enemies. Usually, the fighting cocks will step on other fighting cocks that will attack each other, but with the aim of maintaining a fairly safe position.

In the battle between the two fighting cocks, it was originally from the fighting cocks. Will attack each other by using jumping coupled with flapping their wings up into the air. And don’t forget that the two fighting cocks will launch punches and attacks using their strong and trained legs. In a fight like this, the fighting cocks will measure each other’s strength that comes from the blows and flaps on the wings in a match with their opponent. When the fighting cocks are getting hot and coupled with emotions, the fighting will increase which will continue with a more steady attack technique in order to win.

Match Stage

On this occasion the fighting cocks will mutually exert all the abilities possessed by the two fighting chickens. In getting the victory and in the end they will attack each other and there will be a wound, one of which will lose and die. Various kinds of techniques that will be issued are not just fighting. However, by using a method such as jumping and plus hitting but it will be more deadly. The technique of fighting in fighting cocks will be more visible when the several types of fighting cocks both have a unique fighting ability and have their own advantages.

Completion Stage

The last stage in the last fighting cock competition is fighting cocks. Each of which had run out of energy from the fighting cocks because they carried out various attacks using defensive techniques. The fighting cocks that have competed in this stage will be able to be careful because the fighting cocks will be more important in gathering energy. Which had already given a shockingly powerful blow to his enemy in order to take him down. From this stage also the two fighting cocks will use a technique. Like embraces which will lock each other from the head of the opponent.

That way, it will be easier to determine which fighting cock will be the winner in the battle arena. So that the fighting cock that is wrong in stepping will get a pretty bad hit and in the end it will lose instantly. The fighting cock that has saved its energy will deliver a deadly blow and in the end it will win.…

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